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What is Playing for Joeys?

Playing for Joeys is an online streaming event on TWITCH.TV that brings together streamers from all over the globe to raise money for children's charities by playing video games on their stream. Held primarily in April each year we hope to fundraise through our streaming event kicking off on 29th March 2024, we also sell some quality merchandise to help raise further funds for our charity event.

Our current event is fundraising for Make-A-Wish

Our P4J lifetime total has nearly hit $100,000 USD can we reach that goal?


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What do we do?

We run fundraisers for children's charities via online streaming of video games and other content. Check out some highlights from past P4J events.

Who is behind Playing for Joeys?

P4J was founded in Australia in 2019 by Dacu TV and his wife Miss Fiji (Jason & Monica) with the assistance of the Tamriel Downunder team.

The purpose of this branding was to create an identity for the event that supported charities for those most vulnerable and those in need of our help. We mainly support charities benefiting children and animals.

We wanted to use our resources and combined efforts to build communities that can make a difference.

Tamriel Downunder team members have raised funds for multiple charities over the last few years, namely the JDRF, WWF, The Comfort Dog Project Uganda, NBCF, Make-A-Wish Foundation, CFA & the Australian Red Cross.

Past Major Events

In April 2019 we debuted the first official P4J event. This involved 14 streamers from across the globe and raised a total of $5,827.45 USD for Make-A-Wish Australia, we then expanded this to Make-A-Wish International and contined the online event every year. All funds raised were to benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation. Streamers choose the country/region they wish to support.

Event fundraising to date: $93,513.21 USD

Our next event: 29th March 2024

What is a Joey?

An infant marsupial is known as a joey.

As playing for Joeys was founded in Australia and to support children, we wanted to keep the identity of our origin throughout the online event by using the child of our national mascot (and part of our nation's coat of arms) the Kangaroo.

While P4J was founded in Australia we support children all over the world with our charity events, they are our joeys, the ones we work hard to protect

We are Playing for Joeys.


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All proceeds go to charity

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